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  • Virtual Classroom Enabled Live Lecture

    Live Lecture creates a real classroom-like teaching-learning environment at home. It facilitates interactive classes through pop-quiz, live chat, doubt clearing sessions and more. It also enables teachers to monitor all students in the class using the Live Monitoring feature. Integration with LMS helps teachers to schedule classes as per their course plan, track course progress and even use the relevant digital content during the class.

  • Automated Course Planning

    This feature provides pre-created lesson plans and access to Next Education's standard lesson plans to create courses and modules in sync with various educational boards. Teachers can check learning objectives, concepts and audio-visual modules to be used in any chapter.

  • Extensive Resource Library

    This feature offers easy access to our award-winning digital content for various educational boards. Teachers can create digital content using our interactive tools and concept-oriented content from Khan Academy. Integration of our resource library with TeachNext, our digital classroom solution, helps teachers to access their content during the class.

  • Comprehensive Homework Management Solution

    Homework management makes the teaching-learning process effective. Teachers can assign homework according to students' ability either individually or in groups, track homework submissions and share instant feedback. Also, students can easily upload their homework files.

  • An All-Inclusive Question Management Solution

    This collaborative and process-driven question management tool offers 540,000+ pre-loaded questions tagged according to Bloom's Taxonomy and covering all leading boards. Using pre-defined templates, teachers can create assessments and board-specific tests.

  • Exclusive Social Collaboration

    This feature fosters collaborative learning with access to NextGurukul, an online community of learners and educators, directly from NextLMS. Teachers can also create student groups and assign group-wise projects. Also, they can create a private discussion forum and moderate it.

  • Customised Examination

    Using this feature, teachers can design any type of examination structure- the number of terms and assessments for each class. By using default templates, they can create personalised report cards for every student. This solution allows sending regular notifications via text messages and email to parents of their wards' academic performance.

  • One-Click Assessment Generator

    This feature reduces teachers' workload and enables them to create static assessments from the concept level to the board level. It also empowers teachers to choose from a range of templates to create assessments both online and offline.

  • AI-ML Powered Adaptive Assessments

    Powered by AI–ML platform, these assessments help teachers to identify each student's abilities and level of understanding of concepts and chapters. This tool automatically picks questions that are either more difficult or easier, based on students' responses to previous questions. It also offers smart concept tests and smart revision tests.

  • Instant Reports and Analytics

    This feature gives detailed reports on overall student performance based on learning time, assessment scores and ERP data. It offers a comprehensive view of both individual and class performances in real-time and facilitates the creation of personalised report cards by using default templates.

  • Effortless Timetable Management

    Timetable module generates an automatic timetable and helps to make plans to channelise free periods. It provides automatic substitutions for absent teachers to save time for school authorities.

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