Board Exam Booster advantages

Unique Features

Complete syllabus coverage

Board Exam Booster tests cover the entire syllabus for classes 10th and 12th and help students formulate their exam strategy precisely.

Adaptive test series

By leveraging the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, the Board Exam Booster package consists of 40+ adaptive tests catering to each student's learning needs. These tests offer extensive revision, which helps students to boost their performance in the exams.

Reports and analytics

Chapter-wise and concept-wise performance reports of each student help teachers analyse the student's strengths and weaknesses and take meaningful remedial action. Our powerful assessment platform also recommends personalised remedial action for each student.

Boosts students' confidence

Board Exam Booster offers a structured practice that helps students revise ahead of the exams at their convenience. Through ample chapter-wise and concept-wise practice, students gain the confidence to tackle board exams head-on.

Flexible test series schedule

Schools can create their exam calendar and schedule the tests as per their convenience. A retest option is also available to strengthen the conceptual understanding of students. Moreover, teachers can choose the retest takers based on their performance in previous tests.

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